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About Loving Me So Good

What if you had the most passionate, fulfilling, and mind-blowing love affair of your life… with yourself?

My name is Nia, and I’m the creator of Loving Me So Good. A few years ago, after going through one of the worst relationships of my life, I decided I wanted to just focus on and love myself.

I knew deep down that this is what I needed to do, but I didn’t really know where to start or how to actually “do” self-love. Since Google always has all the answers, I engaged in some 2 AM Googling for things like “how to love yourself,” “self-care ideas” and the obligatory “how to get over a complete asshole.” Although some of the advice I found sounded good, none of the exercises and tools really appealed to me. In fact, a lot of it was a bit… dry, boring, and repetitive. (How many journaling prompts and checklists can you possibly do?!). 

I wanted the love that I had been craving to experience with someone else… with myself. I didn’t think endless journaling would get me there.

I came up with my own ideas to love myself. I threw parties for 1. Folded origami love notes. Made solo date kits. Wrote myself love letters that would make anyone blush. And more.

Now trust me, I got a side-eye from some family members and friends who thought I had lost my mind. But, it’s been an amazing and fulfilling journey so far. I found loving myself can feel just as good, satisfying, nourishing, sexy, and fun as a relationship with a lover. I created this website to share some of the self-love ideas that created this experience for me.

I started Loving Me So Good with a juicy objective: show women how to love themselves, and go on the most nourishing, fulfilling, and delicious self-love journey of their life.

My style of self-love is passionate, bold, fun, romantic, healing, nourishing, carefree, and audacious. I enjoy taking experiences and feelings we think we can only experience with another person, and turning them into beautiful, nourishing, and romantic self-love experiences we can have with ourselves.

You’re at the right place if you:

  • You’ve become weary of the dating scene and toxic relationships, and you just want to focus on and love yourself for now
  • You’re taking a break from dating
  • You’re looking for self-love and self-care ideas
  • You’re looking for something different other than journaling prompts and checklists
  • You want to date yourself
  • You want to learn how to enjoy spending time alone with yourself (and have fun!)
  • You’ve struggled with focusing on yourself, and you’re stuck in a cycle of going back to exes or getting back on the dating apps

Most of the ideas you’ll see on this website are actual things that I’m doing on my self-love journey in real-time. Dates that I’ve taken myself on. Activities, tools, and resources that I’ve brainstormed, created, and used for myself.

To be clear, I don’t consider myself a guru or an expert on self-love. I started Loving Me So Good (LMSG) with the intent of sharing what’s working for me in the hopes that it’ll help another woman on her self-love journey.

You will find many ideas, downloads, and printables on this website that are available for free, but there will be some things that are available for sale. You may also see some ads, sponsored content, and affiliate links. Maintaining this website takes a lot of time and energy, and I appreciate your support!

Please wander around and explore. Try one of the solo date kits (click here to find out what the heck a solo date kit is), or one of the love boosters, and check out some ideas that are coming soon. Leave a suggestion of something you want me to create in the idea jar.